Carrie Patterson

As a Dance and Music Academy teacher and Trifecta Dance Collective co-artistic director, Carrie Patterson has a multitude of outlets to create and choreograph. Choreography has had a big presence in Carrie’s dance life since her experience in Butler University’s dance program. Now, Carrie choreographs for the Trifecta Professional and Youth Companies, the Dance and Music Academy’s Performance Companies, and other organizations.

In their first season of Trifecta, Carrie and Krissie set a 45-minute concert piece titled “From the Ground Up” that performed in the Minnesota Fringe festival. The festival’s mission was stated “to promote creative freedom and diversity of artistic expression by linking adventurous artists with adventurous audiences”. The Trifecta co-directors’ piece and movement embodied this motto, a message that parallels Trifecta’s own motto. Through connective group work and juxtaposition of dance technique and typical everyday movement, Carrie and Krissie created a beautiful, fluid piece that was performed at many showcases.

In 2017, Carrie continued to choreograph more, including a piece for the winter show titled "A Point of Connection", this year’s full company piece "Retrospect", and an upcoming duet. “Retrospect,” Carrie described, “is a journey through falling in love for the first time.” The piece explores “the joy, giddiness, and overall sensation” of that experience. Carrie said the duet in turn will look into loss and coping.

Carrie said she has been inspired to choreograph and create ever since she was a little girl. “I would put on music on the stereo move the furniture in the living room and make up dances to any music that came on,” said Carrie. Whether it was classical or Spice Girls, Carrie seemed to feel the need to integrate movement within her favorite songs.

Nowadays, Carrie’s choreographic process is a bit different than her days in the living room. She said she typically begins the process by finding a piece of music that resonates with her. Carrie then forms an overall "map" of how the piece will unfold, including formations and ideas for movement.


Great works derive from great inspiration. Carrie continues to find inspiration from a multitude of sources. “What continues to inspire me is the endless possibilities that can be created with the body. As dancers, we can use that to display a deeper meaning or a light hearted feeling to our audiences.”

Carrie’s message to aspiring young choreographers was simple: “Don't be afraid to be yourself and try new things. In movement and creation there is no wrong, only experimentation.” We are grateful to have Carrie’s choreography as part of our Trifecta and Dance and Music Academy repertoire.

Carrie Patterson