Over the weekend, the Trifecta Dance Collective had the opportunity to perform at the Bell House Choreography Festival “Exchange” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  After submitting their choreography back in the spring, our Trifecta dancers got accepted into the festival as Presenting Artists who performed at the Gala Concert August 24-26. This festival completes our Trifecta Dance Collective’s summer tour. We could not be happier to end our summer season in such an enriching artistic environment!

“Exchange” brings artists together to Tulsa to share and explore dance. Their organization’s mission statement reads, “Dance should further people and relationships between people; fueling the generative nature of ideas”. This philosophy has built up the supportive atmosphere of the Exchange Choreography Fest. At Exchange, artists focus on sharing their craft and creating more purposeful relationships with other artists and audience members.

We were thrilled to meet such like-minded artists at Exchange. The people are truly willing and committed to create authentic art. The festival’s ideology falls in line with our own morals and values, and the familiarity in their mission objectives mirrors our own. In fact, one of their objectives rings true in our own studio. The festival states that they are committed “to provide a place for intellectual and kinesthetic education through relational contact”. As a non-profit dance company, it is imperative that we commit ourselves to creating authentic stories in our art. One way we achieve that is through the relationships we form with one another and the audiences we get to share our work with.

Finding commonality between our two organizations granted us a much more authentic experience at Exchange Choreography Festival. We are excited to see what the our next season of dance will bring!


Carrie Patterson