Felicity Nicholson

Upon beginning the Trifecta Dance Collective, we searched for passionate dancers eager to collaborate and create meaningful art. We are thrilled to showcase one of these individuals, Felicity Nicholson, in our third Trifecta Dance Collective Dancer Exposé.

Since before she can remember, Felicity felt a connection with ballet. Her mother always shares the anecdote of Felicity witnessing her first ballet performance at two-years-old; the curtain opened, and rather than a typical infant’s fidgeting and crying, Felicity fell uncharacteristically quiet, happily mesmerized by the dancers before her. Following this evident interest in ballet, Felicity began training at Fort Wane Ballet in first grade and continued her training there until her high school graduation. The strict academy-style ballet training Felicity received at Fort Wane gave her the classical technique and discipline to excel in Butler University’s dance program.

Being raised in this world of classical ballet made Felicity’s experience at Butler University incredibly transformational. There she got to explore the world of modern and contemporary dance, and realized she could excel in different abilities other than the classical ballet atmosphere she had always grown up in. “I remember realizing the dance world was so much bigger than classical ballet”, Felicity said. “Contemporary work is much more human than classical ballet. Contemporary lets me acknowledge my body and explore diverse movement. It invites you to be human while dancing.”

After college, Felicity followed her interest in contemporary dance to Chicago, where she worked with some of the city’s top companies. Through scholarship programs and dancing at Visceral, Hubbard Street, Lou Conte, and Thodos, Felicity became familiar with much of the Chicago dance community. As a freelance dancer, she reconnected with Carrie, a fellow student from Butler, and has been dancing with the Trifecta Dance Collective since our open call audition last year.

Felicity loves being a part of Trifecta’s collaborative atmosphere. “All the talents and the personalities of our company complement each other really well”, she said. “Carrie and Krissie make such a great team-their goals are so in sync.” However, the Trifecta’s leadership has not been their only impetus to success. Felicity says the group’s shared trust, passion, and work ethic help them excel as a team, and it is the encouragement for collaboration that really brings the dancers together.

On their most recent concert piece, United Differences (debuted at Anita’s Way in Times Square last week), Felicity got to utilize her passion and talent of writing to truly collaborate and create the spoken word recited in the piece. Her writing, working in tandem with videography she created with the help of her boyfriend, amplified communication of the dancers’ story and overall enhanced their piece and its message.  “Together, our group discussed the vision for the overall piece; how fear has become a driving force in society”, Felicity spoke of the creative process. She remarked, “The final goal of the project was to communicate that we must find the underlying strength of humanity.”

And Felicity, along with the rest of the dancers, truly showcased that strength in their performances at Anita’s Way. Felicity recalled how exciting to see their creations all come together. One of her favorite moments of the trip was watching the dancing and music grab the attention of passerby in Times Square. “People really seemed awestruck by the scene of us dancing at Anita’s Way, and in the end that’s really the goal,” Felicity exclaimed. Performing in a piece she herself dedicated so much time and effort to proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience. We are so lucky to have an artist and collaborator like Felicity on our Trifecta team!



Carrie Patterson