Heather Zimny

Most professional dancers are known to begin their dance training at a young age- as if they were born to dance. Yet others find their passion later in life, and still excel to be inspiring, successful artists. While our dancers come from all sorts of backgrounds and trainings, Trifecta Dance Collective company member Heather Zimny’s beginnings with dance defy the standard expectations.


Growing up, Heather was a traditional athlete, participating in soccer, volleyball, and track and field from a young age, and continuing the sports to her teenage years. It was not until high school, when “by some cosmic turn of events” as Heather puts it, she auditioned for Orchesis that she was first exposed to the dance world. She fell in love with the athletic art, and decided she needed to explore the world a bit more. Through her dance coach’s recommendation, Heather started taking classes at Joel Hall and gained more exposure to the professional dance community. Her frequent participation in classes led to an audition for Joel Hall’s summer intensive, where Joel ultimately extended her an invitation to his main company. Here, Heather gained true understanding of the competitive, fast-paced world of professional dance.

“You learned pretty quickly to not waste time and pick up material as fast as possible. If someone was out and you were the understudy, you better know it all,” Heather recalls of her time in the company. “It sounds intense, but thriving on competition, I loved the experience. It made me both a smart dancer and a ‘sponge’ for choreography.” Heather expressed her gratitude that Joel, his faculty members, and senior company dancers saw something in her and invested years of training, mentoring, and coaching. “It's been a journey for sure; the work never stops but that is what makes it so great; the pursuit of perfection and ever-developing artistry.”

Heathers beginnings with Joel Hall led her to expand her horizons and become involved professionally with multiple renowned companies, as well as become a dance teacher at studios including the Dance and Music Academy. In the winter of 2016, Heather joined some of her fellow DMA staff in the piece Krissie submitted to a choreography showcase, which ultimately led to the creation of Trifecta.

One aspect Heather loves most about Trifecta is the connection and collaboration she gets to share with the youth company and students of DMA. She believes having this relationship on and off stage allows the younger dancers to feel comfortable losing themselves in the moment and movement- one of dance’s most thrilling feelings. “The stage is sacred place. It is one of my favorite things about being an artist- the ability to make the audience forget about whatever stress and difficult things are going on in their lives, sit back, and be inspired, entertained and moved, if just for a moment.”

After such a busy and successful year, it's hard to believe we are only in our second season. “Carrie and Krissie have done a fantastic job of building the company, making connections and creating avenues for dance in such a short amount of time,” Heather remarked. She is grateful to both them for their endless support and trust, and for the opportunity to be a part of the Trifecta journey. Heather, we are thrilled to have you as both a dancer in TDC and positive role model for your DMA students!


Carrie Patterson