Jamie Moore

We are happy to introduce Jamie Moore in our first Trifecta Dance Collective Dancer Expose.

Growing up, Jamie performed with her studio’s competitive dance company in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a member and captain of the Ohio State College Dance Team, and competed for her four college years at UDA regional and national competitions. Jamie moved to Chicago two years ago, and began looking for dance studios to work with. She found the Dance and Music Academy through our housing of the Junior Titan Pom Dance Team, and began teaching with us at the Dance and Music Academy in 2016. Jamie teaches dance and is a Purre Barre Educator, as well as a professional dancer with the Trifecta Dance Collective.

Jamie’s beginnings with the Trifecta Dance Collective deviate from the norm. In need of a substitute dancer for one show, Krissie reached out to Jamie, who gladly filled in. After experiencing her first Trifecta performance and the preparations that go with it, Jamie realized how much she had missed performing, and how much she enjoyed the Trifecta atmosphere. Thankful to have an outlet for herself to perform again, Jamie joined the Trifecta Dance Collective as a professional dancer.


When asked what she believed made Trifecta unique among other Chicagoland area professional companies, Jamie talked about the connection and impact our efforts can have on the DMA students. Growing up, it can be difficult for many dancers to visualize how dance can be present in their futures. Jamie believes the TDC provides that much needed vision to dancers of where dance and the arts can take them. “Trifecta exemplifies all things dance”, Jamie remarked. She continued, stating how the efforts and goals of TDC enhance and educate young DMA dancers. “This incredible ‘pipeline’ Krissie has created from youth training to professional dance world will lead students to understand their options with dance going forward”. Jamie appreciates the company’s presence in her own life, and supports its value of education. “Teaching dance is a rewarding way to incorporate the art into all aspects of your life”, stated Jamie. She is happy to have found a balance between teaching dance and performing herself.

While dance remains a huge part of Jamie’s life, she is also currently in grad school to become a high school Chemistry teacher. Throughout Jamie’s life, the value of education has show itself as a constant reoccurrence in the leaders around her. Her high school science teachers used real world applications of science and became the supportive role models that swayed Jamie to become an educator. Jamie’s dance teachers focused on exposing their students to different styles, teaching the history of dance, and breeding passion and teamwork. Though these educators were each different in their teachings, the values they held instilled within Jamie a passion for teaching and an appreciation for education.

Jamie’s versatility has made her an incredible educator, dancer, and friend. Her advice for dancers exemplifies exactly how we believe dance can positively impact so many. “Even if you don’t dance at all after a certain age, the lessons you learned, discipline, work ethic, appreciation for arts as a dancer is worth it. Remain the hardworking, earnest person dance has molded you to be”. We love having Jamie in our Trifecta family!



Carrie Patterson