Jennifer Sarsfield

We are happy to introduce our very own Jennifer Sarsfield, in our second Trifecta Dance Collective Dancer Exposé. Jennifer has been dancing with us since our first open call audition in 2015. Her passion for performing, teaching, and all things art led her to pursue a career in the dance world. Growing up, Jennifer participated in a variety of sports-related activities, yet it wasn’t until she took her first Ballet/Jazz Combo class at nine years old when she felt a connection to the arts. She recalls exiting the stage after performing in her first dance recital and exclaiming to her family that she decided to be a dancer when she grows up. Since that first performance, Jennifer has devoted much of her life to dance and the arts.


Jennifer graduated from the University of Iowa in May of 2015 with a B.F.A in Dance and an emphasis in choreography, a Minor in Psychology, and a Performing Arts Entrepreneurial Certificate. At the University of Iowa, Jennifer learned and performed well-known repertoire, choreographed, and danced under the eye of prestigious educators in the university company, Dancers in Company.

After college, Jennifer moved to Chicago to continue dancing and begin her professional career in the arts. She danced with Project 606, amongst other companies, before auditioning for and dancing with TDC in 2015. Some of Jennifer’s favorite memories with Trifecta include performing at Links Hall, the Fringe Festival, and choreographing a Contemporary Ballet duet on Megan Sullivan and Sarah Eshoo, two of this past year’s Trifecta Youth Interns. She is excited to perform in Tulsa, Oklahoma on our upcoming tour.

Though performing initially sparked her love for dance as a child, the collaborative work ethic of the group is what Jennifer loves about the Trifecta Dance Collective. “We really vibe together as team,” Jennifer stated. “The group is filled with great technicians who share a great quality of movement. I really enjoy being involved in the creative, collaborative process that goes on during rehearsal”. Jennifer believes one of the greatest aspects of the Trifecta Dance Collective is the relationship they share with younger dancers. “Outreaching through our younger students is a great way to give them a taste of the professional dance world. They get to see how we work together as a unit, and we get the chance to mentor them and share our experience,” Jennifer explained. Because dance plays such an integral role in the TDC dancers’ lives, it means that much more for the company to have an outlet to influence and make connections with potential future professionals.

Jennifer’s personal artistic role models include the Joffrey Ballet Company, Pilobolus Company, and Balanchine. When she’s not dancing, you can still find Jennifer making connections between life and art. She enjoys teaching, working with kids, and creating art- whether through choreography or dance photography. From her passion for performing to her diverse investment in the arts, Jennifer brings so much to the Trifecta Dance Collective, and we are happy to have an artist like her on our team!

Carrie Patterson