Katie Carey

This season, Trifecta Dance Collective artistic directors Carrie and Krissie have invited Katie Carey to guest choreograph a piece on Trifecta dancers. The Ohio native decided to create a piece for Trifecta that would challenge some of today’s typical choreographic norms.

“The Trifecta dancers were very open to me and to the concept of the piece,” said Katie. “I like what we did and am proud to show my choreography on this very strong company!”



Katie studied dance at The Ohio State University. After college, she moved to Chicago to pursue her career as a professional dancer and received a scholarship to study with Giordano Dance Chicago. She currently choreographs and teaches dance as well as dances professionally with Nomi Dance throughout the Chicagoland area. Katie said she was excited to take on a role as a guest choreographer in this year’s Trifecta repertoire.

“I wanted to get weird with Trifecta,” said Katie on the topic “Who Do You Think You Are?”, the uniquely subjected piece she has set on dancers this season. The piece explores the idea of hypnosis, a subject that many choreographers might not think to focus on. Katie however, has a history of pursuing off-the-cuff artistic ideas like this in her choreography. In January of 2015, Katie co-founded the movement-based company Purus Motus, an out-of-the-box initiative inspired by the simplicity of human emotion. Katie seemed to channel this energy in her Trifecta choreography.

“The piece that I set on Trifecta is about getting hypnotized,” said the guest choreographer. “I was inspired by the song title of the first section called "Who Do You Think You Are?"; I thought, what if when you get hypnotized you were a form of your true self? What if you were able to disconnect from the guidelines of this dimension?” Katie explored these abstract concepts through her abstract movement.


Despite the fast-paced timeline she had to set the piece, Katie said rehearsals were quite successful. “I only had 4 rehearsals with the dancers. Without losing the organic, in-the-moment creative process that I like to work in, I had to come in with a more set plan to make sure I was using my time wisely.”

Katie voiced her excitement for the final product of her piece. “I am so grateful Krissie and Carrie trusted me to set something new on their company, and I can't wait to see it alive on stage.”



Carrie Patterson