Elevation Arts Summit

The Trifecta Dance Collective held their first annual Elevation Arts Summit as part of their Community Initiative, "Metamorphosis; Fearless Evolution". This day of dance brought local professionals of all artistic trade together to work with high school dancers and promote an innovative way of learning, creating, and performing. Hosted at the community-focused Evanston Art Center, a beautiful display of local artistic convergence occurred, leaving our dancers and the professionals with a hybrid of new ideas and concepts that will impact their future artistic endeavors.

Since the foundation of TDC, we have emphasized the importance of creating art that is integrative within society. The day was designed by TDC co-artistic directors Carrie and Krissie to open a new door of expression to young dancers. The program’s message is clear: utilizing a variety of art forms can unlock and address fears and doubts within ourselves.

As dancers, we already use dance as an outlet of expression and release. Yet partnering differing artistic outlets together has become an even more powerful experience of release. Metamorphosis; Fearless Evolution's Elevation Arts Summit introduced this notion to the high school dancers, opening a whole world of possibility to the young artists, and perhaps even instilling in them a wonderful, refreshing appreciation for the art they have loved for so long.

The dancers took classes designed to teach new skills and empower them in new artistic levels. Professionals of the Chicago area dance, theatre, and physical arts communities shared their expertise with the young dancers and created a collaborative atmosphere between the three disciplines. Some of the classes included sculpture technique, musical theater, and modern. We thank Kathryn Hetrick, Amanda Newman, and Tammy Mader for the wonderful classes!

We had an amazing time creating the first annual Metamorphosis; Fearless Evolution's Elevation Arts Summit. The high schoolers were able to utilize other art forms to explore and release perceived limitations in performance quality.


Carrie Patterson