The Honor Project

Over 70 Dance and Music Academy dancers spent their Saturday afternoon performing at the Glen Town Center’s Book Market to support and celebrate our nation’s troops. Our first annual Honor Project Benefit Performance brought dancers, their families, and veterans from the community together to raise money and donations for Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT)- one of the largest volunteer based military support organizations in the country.

The event, hosted as a collaboration between the Trifecta Youth Dancers, OSOT, and the Book Market, featured dances from this season’s repertoire that invoke passionate spirit and emotion towards our nation’s veterans and soldiers, just in time for Veteran’s Day this weekend. Parent and student organizers encouraged audience members to participate in the food and goods drive for Operation Support our Troops after performances by the Trifecta Youth Company and Trifecta Artist in Training Youth Company.

Trifecta Dance Collective Youth seeks to “infuse our art into every aspect of our communities, banding together the unique and beautiful multitude of people from all beliefs that make up our society”. We hope to do this through the stories we tell in the dances we perform. At this performance, the community and location had a great impact on the dancer’s repertoire.

To some of our younger dancers, the Glen has always been just a shopping center, a place to hang out after school. Yet to some dancer’s parents, grandparents, and other community members, The Glen was first known as the historic Naval Airbase. People recalled the training and aviation practices that went on during and after World War II. To perform in honor of veterans and U.S. troops in a location with such rich military history was a privilege for all our dancers.

The goal of the event was “to support the well-being of American forces by providing comfort, resources and education to them and their families both while they are deployed in harm’s way and after their return”. Friends and families of dancers donated generously, and we were thrilled to have an audience to share this celebration and “thank you” to our troops.

This season, we have strived to prioritize community outreach as a studio-wide goal. The Honor Project is one of the three major projects we have taken on for community collaboration. Many of our dancers have relatives, friends, and other family that have served or are serving in the military. To connect these young artists to the important community of our U.S. troops is a blessing- especially when we get to use our talents and passions for performing.


Carrie Patterson