Trifecta Youth Company

The professional dancers of the Trifecta Dance Collective have committed themselves to the company mission; to engage, empower, and expand artistic thought through our works. It is imperative that we form relationships with the young dancers of our community to embed these values into the next generation of artists.. The creation of the Trifecta Youth Company and Trifecta Artists-in-Training programs have become the outlets to create a positive, tactile impact on the lives of our young dancers.


Our Trifecta Artists-in-Training program and Trifecta Youth Company both bring unique performance and learning opportunities to our dancers. A small, select group of  35 dancers have been a part of The Trifecta Youth Company for the 2016-2017 season. They have had the opportunity to represent the Trifecta Dance Collective in the youth sector in several professional settings throughout the season. Dancers of the Trifecta Youth Company have gained exposure and unparalleled opportunity through this company.

One piece in particular has been the focus of the Youth company all year, and its mature theme personifies how serious and dedicated our young dancers are to training with the company. “Humanity Rewritten” depicts the dichotomy in society surrounding opposing belief through the natural comparisons of the animal kingdom. We as a society can develop a predator versus prey mentality, sheltering our own views and ignoring those around us. In the animal kingdom, this class structure will never change. Yet in humanity, we have the ability to change this mentality, to “rewrite” in our society, starting in our own communities. This past year, our dancers were challenged to take this physically demanding choreography and this narrative and tell the story through an 10 minute piece. Their successes this past season get us excited to work even more this summer on new pieces to showcase.


This summer, a group of Trifecta Youth Company dancers as well as the professionals of the Trifecta Dance Collective will travel to New York and perform new pieces, each following the same theme “Humanity Rewritten” conveys. The 80 minute performance done by both groups of dancers will be performed in Anita’s Way in Times Square for three consecutive nights, and will combine dance with other forms of art, including still photography, an original spoken word dialogue, and videography. It is our hope to inspire the audience members to take action in their communities to promote positive social change.


The presence of the Trifecta Dance Collective continues to build mutually beneficial relationships between our professional dancers and the younger generations. 

Carrie Patterson