United Differences

Dancers have always felt at home on the stage, the place where they can perform with the utmost confidence, passion, and vulnerability. We have found “home” in many of the places we perform. Our new studio space quickly became home when we renovated; the positive competition atmosphere at Cathy Roe’s Ultimate Dance became such a home that we spent many summers there; the Valentine’s Day Tour tradition made a home for us in our community’s retirement homes. After a week of performing across the nation, our dancers found new home  in New York City.

This past week, dancers in the Trifecta Dance Collective and Trifecta Youth Companies performed for a second year at Anita’s Way, a public performance plaza in Times Square that allows for collaboration of artists and audiences. For some dancers, it was their first time visiting New York and they were thrilled to be in the home of such rich art and history. For others, their return to New York provided a familiarity and excitement for the performances to come. Returning Anita’s Way as a company for a second time felt like a homecoming. Anita’s Way welcomed us warmly, and right away we could tell that this venue for performance art would quickly transform into a beautiful artistic atmosphere that would feel much like home for to dancers.

Before dancing, we got to explore the city, attend award-winning shows, and even were given a  private cast talk-back with our friend and fellow DMA dancer Nicole Scimeca who is performing as Little Anastasia in Anastasia on Broadway. Our three night, six show performance at Anita’s Way began. We performed our concert piece United Differences, an 80 minute original work created by Krissie and Carrie that explores the trials and triumphs of this generation and the common humanity we all share. Within the current political climate, speculations about the future are inevitable. Upcoming generations face prejudice that derives from the fear and lack of understanding in previous generations. We believe our dancers, their generation, and the art they create could serve as untapped resources in the future. Through their beautifully expressive movement, our dancers told the story of our humanity as we know it and challenged future generations to unite, using their differences to make themselves stronger. We were so lucky to share this message at Anita’s Way because of the irreplaceable atmosphere and audience its location brings.

Anita’s Way gave us the unique outlet to fulfill our mission; to engage, empower, and expand. Our performances gave us the chance to integrate with an audience as diverse as the crowds of Time Square. We got the chance to share our values and passion with people who may have never seen young dancers come together to create a piece. We were honored to be a part of this year's lineup of talented artists from around the world, and we loved performing in the truly beautiful space at Anita’s Way that has grown to feel like home for our dancers.


Carrie Patterson